With family-owned of more than 30 units of fishing vessels which located at Hutang Melintang and Kuantan Malaysia, Atlantic Ocean Sdn Bhd has been growing from a fishing company to a seafood products organization. It covers fish harvesting, farming, seafood processing, sales and marketing and produces its owned brand of ‘AOA’ seafood products. We are constantly increased our product lines and provided best seafood quality to our customers.

Atlantic Ocean Sdn Bhd’s business model is similar to most advanced technology companies. We manufacture & distribute our own brand “AOA” seafood products. For marketing & distribution, we structured our marketing according to specific industries. Some of the industries are handled directly by our company and some of the industries will be handled by our resellers.

There are a lot of root causes a company eventually fail. As long as the root causes was unfair business practice, there was no need to seriously change the way improve the product quality in the long run. Therefore to be success in the long term. Atlantic Ocean Sdn Bhd’s philosophy is adapted to Toyota Corporation’s philosophy which emphasizes on:

KAIZEN(改善)- Constant And Never Ending Improvement

Atlantic Ocean Sdn Bhd is a leading provider of excellent quality fish products that satisfy consumer’s current emerging needs through sustainable prodution, reliable supply, innovation and competitive value, at all times holding the concerns of society and fair opportunities for our employees as top priorities.

The core values that united all activices in Atlantice Ocean Sdn Bhd are Quality, Responsibility, Dynamism, Innovation, Market-Led & Customer-Focused, Openness & Transparency and Worldwide Presence.